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Terms & Condition

General Terms

This agreement contains the Terms & Conditions that govern service provided by Decornt (made reference as us/we) to the vendor company (made reference as ‘You’ – on behalf of yourself or the business you represent).

1. Enrolment:

Vendors must complete the registration process for the service of selling its products to customer through the Ecommerce site of Decornt. For Registration, you are required to provide the following but not limited to, information as per the format that will be given-

  • Legal Name & Registered Office Address.
  • Official Contact Number & Email Address of the Business.
  • Applicable Tax Registration details.
  • Details of the Owner/Director/CEO and Contact Person details.

2. Service Fee Payments:

For the Decornt Site that you register for we may require you to provide valid bank account information that remains accurate and complete. All payments to you will be made to Your Bank Account thru electronic transfers on below mentioned bank accounts. The Payment will be Transfer within 7 days from the date of issuing invoice. 

3. Term and Termination:

The term of this Agreement will start on the date of your signing of the agreement and completed registration for the Services (the "Effective Date") and continue for a period of one year from the date of the agreement or until terminated by us or you. Either parties may terminate the agreement with a written notice of 30 days duly stating the reason for such termination. Upon termination, all rights and obligations of the parties under this Agreement will terminate, except the obligations already initiated with due transactions.

4. Tax Matters:

Vendor has to raise an invoice on Decornt towards the Customer-Ordered Product. These invoices to be 100% Tax complied with GST norms. It is your responsibility as a vendor to choose the most applicable product tax codes such that the correct tax rate is applied on all listings offered for sale by you on the Decornt site.

5. Products and Product Information: (Seller Panel)

You will list your Product thru Seller Panel & provide accurate and complete Product Information for each product (e.g. Product images, Price along with GST, Utility of the product, Material the product is made of, Dimensions, Weight, Colour, and Care Instructions etc.) That you require us to make available to be listed for sale through the Decornt Site. You ensure that always it remains accurate and complete. You will also ensure that your Materials, your Products (including packaging) comply with all applicable Laws (including all marking and labeling requirements) Any Price / Product description Changes & unavailability of the material (Out of Stock) should be done on time thru Seller Panel. Also; you agree not to include any of your marketing or promotional materials in the package of product to be shipped to the customers.

6. Decornt Commission:

Decornt determines the percentage of commission on each category of Product. Commission is calculated on the Price of the Product provided by you. This commission amount is deducted from the Sale Proceeds that will be remitted to you on every successful Sale Order.

7. Product Listing; Quality & Merchandising; Order Processing:

Product Listing: We will list Your Products for sale on the Decornt Site in the applicable product categories by displaying all the details of the product provided to us by you and promote your products as determined by us (via features, advertising, or programs on or in connection with the Decornt Site). For every product added to the shopping kart by the customer, shipping charges are displayed based on his/her location (delivery address). Once an order is placed by the customer by making online payment, Decornt provides you all the details of such order. You need to then initiate/arrange the shipment of such product by complying with all applicable laws on packaging, marking & labeling and ensure dispatch the material with limited TAT.

8. Quality & Merchandising:

 Decornt prominent goal is to ensure the products listed in its site are of standard, acceptable and reliable quality. To implement this goal, we require you (all the vendors) to ship the customer-ordered product to ship to customer’s delivery-address. You will ensure that all units are properly packaged for protection against damage and deterioration during shipment and storage. Ensure 100% quality check of the product to ensure that the merchandise is not in any way unsuitable for delivering to customers. This is determined by checking for any non-functioning, breakage, crack, rust etc as well as to check if the package includes all the units as claimed as inclusion in the Decornt site.

9. Shipping and Handling Charges:

For all the products listed on the Decornt site, Decornt will determine what the shipping fees will be display and collect them accordingly from the customers. Vendor has to dispatch the same material that is ordered by the customer, in case of Wrongly dispatched material (What is not been ordered by customer) of which Customer claimed the return / Exchange of the material Vendor has to bear the Charges involved in any return and refund will be borne. In any case the material got damaged in transit & customer returned the material then the entire shipping cost will be bear by Decornt but vendors have to accept the return

10. Miscellaneous:

This Agreement will be governed by the laws of India. Each party hereby irrevocably consents to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts at Nagpur regarding any dispute with Decornt relating in any way to this Agreement or your use of the Services. You may not transfer or assign all or any portion of this Agreement, by operation of law or otherwise, without our prior written consent.