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About Decornt

The 'Restaurant/Hotel-ware, Events, and Wedding Decoration Business' had been a family business for over five decades, and we frequently noticed that the businessmen in this industry spent a lot of time and effort traveling across cities looking for goods that were otherwise not easily available in their location. Similarly, it is difficult to obtain certain materials in a large city that are easily available in smaller towns or villages. Even factories, manufacturers, and vendors must travel from one city to another in order to find suitable customers. There was no such platform that could bring these two together. This is where the seed of 'Decornt' was planted. Decornt was founded to bridge the gap between vendors and consumers by creating a virtual store.

Decornt vision is to build a B2B marketplace for buying and selling exclusive HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Café), Event, Wedding Decoration, and Catering Industry Products, allowing buyers and sellers to connect directly through our app and website to purchase thousands of products and get them home with cash on delivery. Also, protect buyers' orders from payment to delivery by offering end-to-end logistics support.

Existing Trends

Limited Purchase Locations

In the 90s, whenever the hotel ware, catering, decoration, or event organizer had to buy any of the materials required for their business needs, the usual mindset was "CHALO DELHI CHALTE HAI KHARIDI KE LIYE" (let's go to Delhi for the purchase) or any other metro city. By the 21st century, tier-two cities also started trading in such materials. However, the presence of a wholesaler of these materials in all tier-two cities and villages is still not a reality. Hotelware, restaurant, wedding decorators, event organizers, and caterers still have to visit metro cities to buy materials and, most importantly, they face the challenge of finding all the required materials under one roof, especially materials like cloth, fancy display items, cutleries and utensils, wedding couches and sofas, lighting, electronics, and sound systems.

Time Consuming Process

Unable to find the required materials in their own places, a buyer has to spend at least four to seven days visiting the nearest metro/tier-two city in search of a vendor providing good quality materials at a viable price. But due to limited choices, most of the purchases are done at a compromising level.

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Risk Factors

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Tax related documents

The buyer needs to ensure all the necessary documents related to tax on the purchased materials are carried while the goods are in transit, apart from paying all the overheads like packing charges, high transportation charges (which include builty charges, labour charges, extra taxes etc).


Dependence on the transport company for the safety of the materials is another challenge, as neither the transport company nor the seller would accept responsibility for any damage to the materials during transit and delivery. In most cases, one cannot make a claim for damaged materials.

Catching up with the Latest

The Hotelware, Restaurant, Event Organizer, and Caterers miss out on new and growing items and lose the chance to grow their businesses as a result of the limited selection of products offered by local vendors.

How Decornt Helps

As India moves to a cashless economy, purchasing HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Café), Event Wedding, and Catering Industry Products will be as simple as purchasing any material online. Decornt is a one-stop shop for all your needs, offering a wide range of options and keeping up with the latest trends at affordable prices. Decornt makes all of this possible with its marketplace platform, which is suitable for both B2B and B2C customers.

Advantages of purchasing through Decornt

All of your HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Café), Event Wedding, and Catering Industry Products in one place.

Simple Payment Methods - Online Payment & COD** (Cash On-Delivery).

Taxes are included in the prices shown in the store.

There is no need to pay any additional fees (Transportation, Packing & Delivery)./p>

Decornt delivers material to your door in 100 percent packaging.

Products that are completely genuine

Updated new products in the HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Café), Event Wedding, and Catering Industry.

Customer Care solutions are available from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Decornt Trust

Decornt makes online shopping a hassle-free experience, from selecting a product to making a seamless payment like cash on delivery and multiple online payment options like UPI, Card, Netbanking, BNPL, EMI and Loan facility, and getting the product 100% home delivery with an easy return policy. We guarantee that only original and brand-new products will be delivered in collaboration with our trusted partners.

Shop on the App

Stuck in heavy traffic Relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon and not in the mood to fire up your laptop to shop online? No problem! We have a great idea – just listen to your playlist and relax while you can still shop with us online via our Mobile App.

So, what are you shopping for today?

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