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India is a land of celebrations and true to this fact, every year millions of marriages, festivals and celebration of other happy occasions & events take place. Conventionally, all these occasions are organized by an array of vendors from the Decoration, Hotel & Catering Industries. Decornt is India’s Ultimate Online Shopping Destination for event organizers to shop online for items related to the Decoration for any such events, including items of Fancy displays, Gifts, Sound and Lighting systems, Kitchen cutleries, Wedding Couches & Sofas, Fancy Items etc. and get delivery at their door step!

Our Management Team:Decornt is a privately owned company and managed by Lagan Saluja and Kamal Saluja. The philosophy of the Management is to use the digital revolution to simplify buying. The organisation is constantly focussing on creating a safe, secure and reliable digital platform. Customers can view, compare, order multiple items and receive on time delivery for all listed products in the “Tent, Decoration & Catering Industry”.

Lagan Saluja: Founder, Chief Executive Officer.

Lagan Saluja is a first generation entrepreneur who worked with a few Multinational firms in multiple capacities before starting this venture. He has initiated and strategised Decornt’s business plans after extensive study of the market. He along with his team nurture a vision of providing easy access to customers to multiple products in the ‘Tent, Decoration & Catering Industry’.The firm caters to customers across the country and the marketing team can often be seen in all leading exhibitions across states. In addition to this venture, Lagan provides management support to S.K Textiles and S.K. Education in Nagpur.

Kamal Saluja: Chief Operating Officer.

Kamal Saluja is responsible for efficient supply chain and co-ordination between Operations, Logistics & Product Management. Over the last few years, her focus is to ensure timely order fulfilment & closely work with suppliers to ensure customers receive genuine quality products. She leads an energised team which constantly undergoes training to meet stringent quality and operational service level agreements.

Decornt vision is to create India’s most reliable & seamless e-commerce system that scale up the purchase & delivery with utmost ease, for both merchants and buyers of Hotel, Catering Services & Decoration Industries."

Let us look at some existing trends of the industry and how Decornt plays a role in creating a value-added experience to its customers.

Existing Trends -

  1. Limited Purchase Locations:In the 90s, whenever the decorators and food caterers had to buy any of the material required for their business need, the usual mindset was “CHALO DELHI CHALTE HAI KHARIDI KE LIYE “(lets go to Delhi for the purchase) or any other metro cities. By 21stcentury, tier-two cities also started trading of such materials. However, presence of a wholesaler of these materials in all tier-two & three cities & villages is still not a reality. Decorators and Caterers still have to visit metro cities to buy materials & most importantly they face the challenge of finding all the required materials under one roof, especially materials like cloth, fancy display items, cutleries & utensils, Wedding Couches & Sofas, Lighting, Electronics & Sound systems.
  2. Time Consuming Process:Unable to find the required materials in their own places, a buyer has to spend at least three days in visiting nearest metro/tier-two city in search of a vendor at providing good quality materials & at a viable price. But due to limited choices, most of the purchases are done at a compromising level.

Risk Factors:

  1. Tax related documents:The buyer needs to ensure all the necessary documents related to tax on the purchased materials is carried while the goods are in-transit, apart from paying all the overheads like packing charges, high transportation charges (which includes built charges, labor charges, extra taxes etc).
  2. Goods-in-transit: Dependency on the transport company on the safety of the materials is again a challenge as neither the transport company or the seller would not own the responsibility for any damage of the materials during transit and delivery. In most cases, one cannot claim for the damaged materials.
  3. Catching up with the Latest:Due to limited choice of vendors, the Decorators & Caterers miss-out on the new and emerging products and end-up losing the opportunity of improvising their business.
  4. How Decornt Helps:As India moves towards a cashless economy, buying Decoration, Catering, Lightning & Electronics materials for any event will be as simple as buying any material online as a single place to look for all your requirements, providing varied choices, upgrading to the latest trends…all these at a competitive price.Decornt makes all this possible with its Online Shopping E-Commerce Site suitable for both B2B customers as well as B2C customers.

Advantages of purchasing through Decornt –

  1. One Stop for all your Decoration, Catering kitchen-ware needs, at your finger-tip. Please refer our Product Catalogue.
  2. Easy Payment options - Online payment & COD** (Cash On-Delivery).
  3. Material shown in the store is inclusive of taxes.
  4. No need to pay extra charges (Transportation, Packing & Delivery).
  5. Getting material at your door step with 100% packaging from Decornt.
  6. 100% genuine products.
  7. Availability of updated new products in Decoration & Catering industry.
  8. Accessibility to Customer Care solutions from 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

Decornt Trust
Decornt makes your online shopping a hassle-free experience. You can always be rest assured about the quality of products you are buying online through our e-commerce site. Together with our trusted partners, we promise to deliver only original and brand-new products, with accurate invoices. All the products at our store have gone through rigorous quality checks.

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