7 Star Big Dipper Laser Beam Projector For DJ Disco Party - Party Laser Beam

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Specifications: Laser Color: Green + Red Green Laser Power: 25mw to 45MW Red Laser Power: 75mW to 100mW Power: 110 / 220V auto (Bivolt) Control: DMX, auto and audioritmico (adjustable sensitivity) Scanner angle: +/- 18 Cooling: Active / Cooler Brand: Big Dipper Laser - Seven Stars Product Dimensions: approx. 22cm x 19cm x 8.7 cm (excluding support) Weight: approx 2kg Total weight: approx 2.4 kg DMX controls: 1: Select audioritmico mode, automatic and controlled by 2: Selects design / geometry 3: Enable / disable strobe and controls its speed 4: Enable / disable point mode 5: Horizontal positioning (manual or automated) 6: Vertical positioning (manual or automated) 7: Adjust size / zoom (manual or automated) 9: Reset 10: gradual drawing mode (manual or automated) please find the link
  • Laser Laser Big Dipper K800 - Seven Stars - green and red with power of 150 mW, more than 50 patterns of visual effect, strobe effect, DMX channels 10, audiorr
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