160 Liters Indoor Evaporative Air Cooler For Domestic And Commercial Use; Tent & Industrial Evaporative Cooler; Brand Name – Octiva; Made Of ABS Plastic; Axial Motor; 160 Liters Water Storage. (Product Code 5008 R Big) DK2132

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Octiva Evaporative Coolers provide a natural, cool breeze with the power of water evaporation.The cooler is a model for energy-efficient cooling.A local spot cooler, this model is built to cool your immediate area. Perfect for domestic as well as industrial/commercial use. Place it in a corner of a room as big as a party hall or a conference hall and experience cool & moist breeze. The unit is compact and easily portable for personal evaporative cooling.
  • Functionality:Indoor Evaporative Air Cooler;Brand Name – Octiva; The jumbo cooler can be ideal choice as residential cooler as well as for cooling large spaces like party halls or conference rooms. The portable air coolerminimizes energy consumption & sound level. Ideal for long hours of usage.
    Material: The body is made of ABS Plastic. It combines the strength and rigidity of acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of polybutadiene rubber. It is considered superior for its hardness, gloss, toughness, and electrical insulation properties.
    Dimensions & Other Technical Properties:
    Max Air Flow: 22000m