10 Unique Wedding Lighting Ideas: A Wedding Planning Perspective



The correct décor is essential for establishing the ideal mood and feel for your wedding, as well as making it appear beautiful and photo-worthy. While flowers are crucial in making your wedding appear lovely, lighting is important in extending your celebration into the evening. While certain lighting aspects (like your venue’s in-house lighting system) are beyond your control, there are still some excellent ways to integrate warmth and shine into your celebration. Here are some of our favourite ways couples have used lighting at real-life weddings. 

Ten unique wedding lighting ideas when wedding planning

Any wedding planner will tell you that lighting is an essential aspect of the event; without it, even the most stunning décor would appear unappealing. Many people believe that good lighting can make even modest flowers and designs appear like a million dollars! Some of the out-of-the-box wedding lighting ideas include-

  1. Single lights suspended from the ceiling or flower arrangements atop reception tables make a great impact, and you don’t need a lot of bulbs to get the job done. Individual lights may be hung at varying heights to provide dimension and character to your design, which we adore.
  1. A curtain of string lights provides for a lovely backdrop, whether you choose a thick curtain or something a little more basic. Due to the starry and twinkly effect that string lights offer, they have become a popular addition to many wedding settings. String lights are often smaller than bistro lights and may be linked to a power hub to fade, blink, flash, or dim the lights. This adds a touch of elegance to your wedding location. On the other hand, String lights are extremely inexpensive and are often utilised to highlight sections of the home and create a sense of quality.
  1. Chandeliers give a glam touch to any event, and they certainly stand out as a significant source of illumination when the lights are dimmed for the reception and dance. Geometric chandeliers are an excellent component of geometric forms and minimalism, which are still popular wedding themes. Make yours one-of-a-kind by constructing them yourself! They don’t even require a guide or instructions; just have fun with them. Finding a few various lengths of dowel rods and glueing them together to make a cube, spherical, or any other shape you can think of is all it takes. The most challenging aspect will be figuring out how to connect it. You might be able to create the chandelier around the existing lights at the venue, but if not, you’ll need to locate a hook to hold your chandelier in place.
  1. Glass orbs with tea lights- These lights provide a fantastic dreamlike appearance as if the candles are floating in mid-air. For a secret garden atmosphere, we adore them hanging amid foliage flower arrangements.
  1. With these stunning hanging candles suspended from the ceiling, you can up your candle game. This one-of-a-kind feature will impress your guests!
  1. Hanging light fixtures made to order- Consider adding statement-making light fixtures to fit in with your concept and, if your budget permits, for an upgraded effect.
  1. Candles in the Aisles- This is a timeless design concept that will never go out of style. Choose to have your ceremony around dusk, as this couple did, and be sure to utilise votive lights of various heights for a lovely touch.
  1. Candles for the backdrop- The mix of tree stumps, candles set at various heights, and string lights make a stunning background for a ceremony.
  1. Candles placed along a transparent tent ceiling create a wonderful ambience and provide warmth and romance with the addition of stars. As one of the most often used light decorations for weddings, Candles provide beauty, elegance, and style to the wedding site. Furthermore, when combined with other components, candles provide an unrivalled degree of elegance and attention to detail. Whether you’ve just married, are planning a wedding, or are working with a wedding planner, the issue of candles has most certainly come up several times. With that in mind, it’s vital to think about the dangers of using candles.
  1. Paper lanterns- String lights carefully placed across a wall, complemented with gold and white paper lanterns, create a stunning image. This gives your ceremony backdrop some quirkiness! It is recognised as one of the most classic and aesthetically attractive designs, whether you use genuine metal lanterns, contemporary lanterns, or paper lanterns. Beautiful lanterns may be displayed in two distinct ways during your wedding. You can show ground lanterns as one of these techniques. These may be used to illuminate a walking path or just sprinkled about to provide a lovely ambient effect. One of the most frequent is using paper lanterns hung from a pole or a tree to create an attractive and mysterious effect.


Consider your top goals and design a lighting strategy around them. For example, consider stringing string lights over the reception area or setting a long line of taper candles along the middle of the table if you’re a gourmet bride who anticipates a wine-fueled night beneath the stars. Both would draw attention to the night’s primary attraction (the food) and keep your guests seated far into the last meal.

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