Catering Equipment Checklist for Big and Small Events



Catering is critical to an event’s overall success. Cuisine brings people together, and caterers prepare the food for the visitors to enjoy. However, this is about more than simply catering food; it’s also about providing outstanding customer service. This implies that everything should be well-planned, and each event should have a catering checklist. First, consider all of the processes that must be accomplished before writing them down. Then, assign duties to each team member. Start your planning by reviewing the ultimate catering checklist before each event to host a successful catering event.

The ultimate catering equipment checklist for big and small events

This is an excellent introduction to the goods you’ll need for a full-scale, off-site event if you’re just getting started in the catering industry.

  1. Table setting- The event’s theme will determine the sort of table settings you’ll require. For example, table settings for upscale weddings and gatherings need extra things, such as linen napkins, charger plates, and stemware. On the other hand, dinner plates, water glasses, and flatware may be all that is required for a casual picnic or barbeque.
  • Tablecloths
  • Napkins
  • Dinnerware
  • Flatware
  • Charger Plates
  • Glassware
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Water Pitchers
  1. Display and decor- You might enhance the overall balance of the event invoice by giving some basic décor rental products to your clients. Many consumers would rather hire simple items like flowers and table numbers from your catering company than go to a different rental firm. Don’t forget to use display risers and stands to emphasise your meals and make the most of the vertical space on your food tables.
  • Risers
  • Cakestands
  • Cupcake Towers
  • Candleholders and Candles
  • Centrepieces
  • Vases
  • Table Numbers
  • Chalkboard Signs
  1. Disposable catering equipment may save you money and make things easier for your customers. However, you’ll have to unload the filthy dishes back on the truck if you use porcelain tableware and conventional glassware, and you’ll almost certainly have to charge a dishwashing fee. On the other hand, you may save your clients money, minimise the danger of broken dishes, and cut down on cleaning time using disposable cutlery, plates, and drinkware.
  1. Holding cabinets- While travelling and waiting for dinner, keep foods at the appropriate temperature. Heating cabinets come in various sizes and designs, making them highly flexible, from uninsulated under-counter units to full-size insulated ones that don’t need to be plugged in to keep the cabinet warm.
  1. Chafing dishes- A hot food buffet or catering event would not be complete without chafing dishes. Chafers keep meals at the appropriate temperature while serving guests using a water pan and a chafer fuel candle or an electric source. Chafers come in a range of forms and sizes to meet the needs of any catering occasion.
  1. Pan carrier- Food pan carriers are another excellent choice for transporting and delivering food at the correct temperature, whether hot or cold. Carriers come in a wide range of sizes and designs.
  1. Hot food tables and accessories- Operators can offer hot meals on hot food tables, ideal for catering sites where the meal is provided on the operator’s premises. Several versions have a cutting board for cutting and serving dishes on the spot on the operator side. Models differ considerably in terms of style, setup, and functionality.
  1. Carts- Catering carts provide your catering business more flexibility by allowing you to rearrange set up while also serving customers fast and efficiently. The carts come in a variety of materials and colours to match the décor style of any business.
  1. Beverage station equipment- While the main course is the focus, don’t overlook the drinks. As a business owner, the greatest profit goods are hot and cold beverages. As a result, you should always have coffee, tea, lemonade, or other drinks on hand that compliment your menu. To add a touch of elegance to your beverage service or station, we propose investing in low-cost water carafes.
  1. Dishwasher- All of those dishes will need to be washed, and the size and capacity of your dishwasher will be determined by the size of your event and the number of attendees. To guarantee sufficient ventilation, keep in mind the amount of space necessary for a dishwasher; you’ll also need to know the quantity of water pressure produced, the highest temperature the water may reach, and the wash duration.
  1. Grill- Grilled food just tastes better, and most people enjoy it. Consider a salamander grill, which allows your meats to maintain moisture while taking up little room in your kitchen.


It’s essential to have a checklist to refer to no matter what sort of event you’re catering to. The banquet equipment inventory list and the other checklists should hopefully make preparation for the next event a little simpler. A catering equipment checklist is also an excellent idea, but this is something you will have to build up for each occasion. When planning, pay attention to the details and allow yourself more time than you think you will need to prevent making hasty blunders. For all your catering equipment needs, you can trust decornt. They are India’s Ultimate Online Shopping Destination for event planners to shop for products connected to event decoration, such as fancy displays, gifts, sound and lighting systems, kitchen cutlery, wedding couches and sofas, fancy objects, and more, and have them delivered right to their home! For more information, visit the link.

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