How to Start a Wedding Planning Business



A wedding planning company may assist couples with all aspects of wedding preparation. This might involve assisting with selecting attire for all parties, the creation of thematic decorations and décor, the selection of a wedding cake, the management of photography and video, and more. Right now, the event planning industry is booming, and about 66 per cent of millennials are eager to hire wedding planners for their big day. With our thorough 9-step approach, you can have your fledgling wedding planning business up and running in no time.

Steps to start a wedding planning business

It all comes down to meticulous preparation, proper training, and excellent people skills when it comes to how to establish a wedding planning firm. You want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to make your new company stand out. You’ll be able to effectively speak with potential clients and arrange magnificent weddings of the century if you don’t take shortcuts. We discuss the steps to start a wedding planning business to prepare you fully to create happiness on couples’ faces.

  1. Obtain the required training.- To begin, you should master the abilities required of a wedding coordinator. There are several platforms available to assist you. First, look to create second classes or participate in educational programmes led by experts in the industry. Second, consider becoming a certifying organisation member, such as the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners. Finally, consider studying marketing, finance management, customer service, and other vital areas because you’ll be running an event planning firm.
  1. Make a business strategy- It’s time to write a business strategy after you are confident in your abilities. This will assist you in determining your objectives, target market, and financial strategy. First and foremost, you must choose a name for your company. When you’ve decided on a name, check to see whether it’s available as a domain and a business name in your area. You’ll be able to develop a powerful brand that’ll be simpler for your clients to remember this way. Next, your business plan should include information about your firm, services, marketing strategies, and financial strategy.
  1. Determine what services you will provide- You can offer one, a selection, or all of the following services as a wedding planner:
  • Full wedding planning – from the initial consultation until the wedding day, you’ll plan everything from the concept to the vendors.
  • Partially organising a wedding – Typically, the couple would employ you to assist them with their timetable and event management.
  • You’ll only make recommendations on a couple’s wedding plans during a wedding consultation.

As you get more active in the preparation of the event, the service charge generally rises. As a result, complete wedding preparation is the most costly choice. Include your services and price in your strategy. Your strategy will evolve in tandem with your business. It’s preferable to set reasonable expectations for your small business in the beginning. Once your company has grown, make the necessary adjustments to your strategies.

  1. Organise your legal paperwork- Next is to manage your firm and sort out the legal paperwork. Consider employing an attorney to advise you on the best business structure. Your tax situation and the safety of your assets are determined by the structure you pick. Register your business name with your state and municipal governments once you’ve settled on a structure. Remember to purchase company insurance in the event of catastrophes, accidents, or other hazards. Finally, remember to take care of your customer contracts once you’ve been engaged. In general, the contract stipulates service terms, payment terms, cancellation terms, and termination terms, among other things.
  1. Recognise your financial situation- You must ensure that you have sufficient funds to pay your early expenses. To get your event planning & wedding business up and going, you’ll need at the very least a computer, a phone, some software licences, business cards, and office supplies. To turn your business successful in the long term, be sure to network and create a strong and marketable brand.
  1. Create a brand- The foundation of a successful wedding planning firm is a distinct brand. With so many new wedding planners popping up all the time, having specialisation and a brand may help you stand out. You might specialise in dealing with clients who want a large wedding with hundreds of guests or those who want to marry in a natural setting. Keep these factors in mind-
  • It’s all about you. So what distinguishes you from the competition and makes you the wedding planning company to choose?
  • It’s your logo. An excellent logo is simple, memorable, and one-of-a-kind.
  • The overall appearance of your new company. This covers other site design components, such as your colour palette and typography.
  • Your company’s tone and voice. When you speak with potential clients or visitors to your website, how does your firm come across?
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How to Start a Wedding Planning Business
  1. Search reputable merchants- You should build a professional connection with these service providers, especially respected ones because you’ll be collaborating with numerous suppliers for your events. Working with reputable providers can assist you along the road. Your clients will recognise your expertise in your industry if you recruit the appropriate personnel. Furthermore, if you keep a positive connection with these vendors, they may refer you to other clients who require a wedding planner. Look for suppliers on websites such as Decornt. The wedding website has a review system so you can see which vendors are reliable. Set up a meeting with them to learn more about each other’s businesses. 
  1. Come up with wedding ideas- You probably don’t have enough material for your portfolio as a newbie. Create some prototype wedding plans to utilise as marketing content to tackle this problem. To begin, look at current wedding trends. Find out which themes and decorations are the most popular. Look for similar decorations if your company specialises in ethnic weddings. Gather the information you’ve gathered and come up with a few different wedding ideas. After that, make contact with merchants. Inquire about their willingness to collaborate with you on the concepts. Flowers, decorations, and lighting will almost certainly require the services of a vendor. Get a professional photographer to picture the complete setup as well. Finally, make a few alternative mock wedding timelines for different events. When considering whether or not to employ you, this will assist potential clients in visualising their wedding day.
  1. Promote your company-  You should market your services through several methods to acquire new consumers. Concentrate on developing a website that showcases past weddings you’ve planned as well as testimonials for your services. When you’re first starting, you should also leverage word of mouth and social media.
  • Because most people use search engines to locate services, your company must have an online presence. Make sure to include your company on networks like Google My Business to increase the chances of potential consumers learning about it. Users can get business information through a website. When you post advertising on search engines or wedding marketplaces, provide a link to your website so that people may learn more about your services.
  • Telling your relatives and friends about your business is another approach to advertise it. Send them an email with information about your company or advertise your services during a hangout or gathering. Offer to organise their wedding at a reduced rate if several of them or their friends get married.
  • Finally, set up company profiles on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. These websites can assist you in reaching out to the proper people to promote your services.


The wedding industry is still a lucrative company, but being a wedding planner requires a devoted and multi-skilled individual. Consider how much time and money you’ll need to establish your own business before you get started.  You will have to work weekends and holidays and advertise yourself more aggressively during the off-seasons. Remember that you’ll need excellent people skills as well as the ability to pay attention to detail, no matter how little it may appear. Because weddings are often a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for many people, they will expect to have a voice in every detail. If you think you can manage a bridezilla, consider authentic fairytale weddings, wedding planning could be the ideal career choice for you.

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