10 Wedding Themes for Any Style



A wedding theme will create the tone for the big day and serve as a guide for any aesthetic decisions made after that. As a result, making this commitment might be extremely intimidating. Do you want to go for a romantic look or something more modern? With so many variants and wedding styles to select from, making a decision may be difficult. Consider what characteristics appeal to you individually or as a pair. Perhaps particular colours or design elements have a special meaning for you, or maybe some iconic features hold personal importance. You may officially go on with the remainder of your wedding arrangements once you’ve determined the theme of your dreams. However, if you’re still undecided, we have compiled a list of the finest wedding themes for each wedding style and location, no matter how unusual.

Ten wedding themes for any style

Use this as a reference to finally cross this important choice off your to-do list and build the groundwork for your goal.

  1. Vintage vibes- If you want to have a retro wedding, go back in time for ideas. One of the simplest ways to do so is through your wedding attire and makeup. Next, you may further illustrate a vintage-inspired wedding using antique-looking décor, such as weathered doors and worn-in wood benches, for the ceremony and reception. Finally, finish off the retro motif with a classic getaway automobile, such as an old Porsche or Volkswagen, for your last hoorah.
  1. Garden theme- Opt for an outdoor garden party-themed wedding if you want a more private, relaxed ceremony. This laid-back look is ideal if you’re planning an outdoor wedding with a spring or summer date.
  1. Traditional theme- Are you planning a black-tie affair? If you want your guests to be dressed to the nines, your overall theme should reflect that. For a splendid wedding, you’ll want to go all out with entire table settings (wine glasses and all), a sit-down supper, luxurious seating, beautiful floral arrangements (even on the cake), and an amazing head table, to mention a few.
  1. Eco-friendly theme- Just because you want to be environmentally conscious (as we all should) during your wedding doesn’t mean you have to cut down on the small details. For your grand farewell, you may use biodegradable confetti instead of rice, plants instead of flowers as table décor, and invites printed on recycled paper. Choose an external site if the weather permits to save energy from lights.
  1. Romantic theme- Use a colour scheme to create the tone and serve as the basis for your wedding theme. Pink is a romantic alternative to the bright hue, providing a sweet touch to your event. Red is generally thought of as the colour of love, but pink is a romantic alternative to the vibrant colour, lending a sweet touch to your event. To keep the appearance light, pair pink with grey rather than black. Colours like teal, turquoise, baby blue, and sage are also nice choices that won’t dominate the romantic motif. To create an ethereal impression, use tulle and flowers throughout the event. Your wedding lighting will also play a role; use pink spotlights and candles to keep the motif going.
  1. Rustic theme- Rustic or raw wedding themes focuses on natural and earthy materials and colours. Rustic wedding décor may be created using wooden furniture, twigs and branches, blooms, greenery, lace and jute, and, of course, lovely lighting. Along with a flower-decked naked wedding cake, subtle-hued clothing, and floral invites, go for a flower-decked naked wedding cake, subtle-hued outfits, and floral invitations.
  1. Modern theme- Think clean lines, geometric forms, and minimal design for a modern wedding. A contemporary theme knows no boundaries, so use it in whichever way you like. Anything from your wedding gown (avoid white) to your venue decorations, such as sleek chairs, a cool structural background, or a strong colour palette, may be given a modern twist.
wedding themes
10 Wedding Themes for Any Style
  1. Art Deco- The extravagance of the Great Gatsby era is reflected in this timeless design, which includes strong typefaces, opulent gold and sparkles, and a plethora of geometric forms with sharp edges. This theme is for you if you like subtle glitter and jazz-age grandeur with a nod to the vintage appeal.
  1. Preppy weddings are defined by bright pinks, greens, and navy blues, which can also be combined with nautical or Southern nuptials. A preppy theme allows you to mix formality with pleasure through strong patterns, elegant bows, exquisite typefaces, and bright flowers. If this concept appeals to you, channel your inner Kate Spade or Lilly Pulitzer.
  1. Alternative- Are you and your partner more of an outspoken pair who has never been one to follow the crowd? We understand. Break the mould with a unique wedding theme, and go with it any way you choose. If you like chilly, gloomy colour palettes and innovative stand-ins to bright flower and been-there-done-that wedding décor, then an alternative theme is just up your alley. As much as possible, push the limits.


Hosting a themed wedding is a significant undertaking that needs a little extra planning to pull everything together. To help bring a large-scale theme to life, couples could tap into their inner wedding planners or consider hiring a wedding planner.

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