Safe outdoor activities during the COVID-19 pandemic: COVID Event planning guide


COVID Event planning guide: The pandemic has forced corporate event organizers to reimagine their events as travel restrictions completely, and crowd limitations brought unimaginable obstacles. Yet, corporate planners could get creative and continue to evolve their events for this new normal through it all. As the event industry progresses and sees the light at the end of the tunnel, with crowd restrictions lifting, travel interest increasing, and vaccine distribution continuing to roll out, more corporate events will emerge to bring workforces together in unique ways. But don’t expect the pandemic’s influence to fade away in the immediate future as we head into spring and summer.

The end of corporate events will still have the imprint of the pandemic but will make room for new ways of approaching these work gatherings for the better. You must have all the knowledge you need to host a fun and unique outdoor event successfully! You can refer to the COVID Event planning guide to check if you have got everything covered. Be sure to include ice breakers so that the attendees can network among themselves and meet new people. Do not forget the food and beverage to ensure the attendees are energized.

Next, ensure that all audio and visual facilities for the event are up to date, so communication is smooth, and the attendees can let loose during breaks. Inspiration is never-ending, so don’t be scared to see what other companies have been doing. And lastly, do include the hoteliers. Even if you are hosting an event outdoors, they can provide resources outside of their buildings. Go ahead and read our COVID Event planning guide to get some fun and unique event ideas! 

Play Find the treasure chest

This event has gotten a crazy response which followed it from our COVID Event planning guide. Shared goals can loosen a crowd up. Divide attendees of your event into small groups, and send them out on a treasure hunt. Hide a treasure bucket for each group, and let each group know their colour code. The first group to find their treasure bucket wins (but everyone wins!). And they can all give hints to other groups whose treasure buckets they see if they’d like.

Things to be considered: Encourage all your attendees to sanitize their hands without fail and wear masks. Each treasure bucket must be sanitized after use. Only put wrapped candies inside the bucket.

Create a sidewalk chalk art challenge

Another fun activity that we suggest in the COVID Event planning guide is the sidewalk chalk art challenge. Sidewalk chalk can be used in several different ways at your outdoor event. For example, encourage attendees to leave their mark with a name and date, to send messages to one another as they walk by a chalkboard, or to express their thoughts on the event. You can also start things with a themed challenge, such as “beach”, “summer”, “fall”, and allow guests to vote for the top three chalk drawings whose artists could earn prizes.

Things to be considered: Be sure to provide enough pieces of chalk for attendees to use (one report for each person) and print out some rules and regulations on a giant poster board—all to accommodate safe spacing. Sanitization stations can be placed around your chalkboard.

Offer a planting class.

Allow all your attendees to have fun while contributing an excellent deed to mother nature. Just provide:

Some soil.

  • Mini bio-degradable but sustainable holders.
  • Some variety of flowers that can be planted.

Set up one large table where all supplies can be picked up, and then send your attendees on their way to planting the plants in their own respective spaces. This event from our COVID Event planning guide gets a lot of response and is also beneficial for the environment.

Feature a mixology class

One of the other brilliant suggestions from our COVID Event planning guide is the mixology class. Invite all attendees to learn how to create a new drink of their own choice! To ensure you can accommodate all attendees, it is best to have a list ready in advance for all of the available drinks to be made.

All the required material should be kept ready, and each ingredient should be pre-separated and provided for each set of tables (one table to one pod of people), so the mixing goes smooth and quickly. Be sure to give sanitizers at every table and separate stirring utensils for every person as a safety measure. Soon enough, all your attendees will be enjoying and relaxing with their favourite drinks.

Let the guests fly drones around the event location

We also suggest our COVID Event planning guide for the guests to fly drones to explore the place. Explore the open space by encouraging all your attendees to sign up to fly a drone around the event location. This is a fun idea to execute along with social distancing while allowing your attendees to have a little bit of technological fun! Ensure you send out a pre-event registration or let your attendee sign up onsite to reserve their spot to fly a drone in our COVID Event planning guide.

Please ensure sanitation stations and require attendees to wash their hands before and after passing the drone. Also, ensure that all the gear is sanitized before and after each use.

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