10 Ways to Engage Residents During COVID-19: COVID Event planning guide


COVID event planning guide

COVID event planning guide: The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has caused an immediate need for social distancing to stop the spread of this highly contagious virus. Most apartment communities are people-driven businesses, making it more challenging to cut off face-to-face communication abruptly.

The use of technology is our most excellent tool in this situation. Due to recent information surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, apartment offices, all the amenity spaces and residential events are being shut down. Now more than ever, all the apartment owners and the operators have a real opportunity to make a difference in how we respond to these challenges by moving resident events and communication online to engage residents in a different manner further. Allowing residents to see the continued effort is key to satisfaction. Therefore, we have developed a COVID event planning guide to help people feel connected and combat their loneliness and depression shortly.

Host an online book club

Our COVID event planning guide suggests letting residents vote collectively on a book to read online or listen to on a platform like Audible. You can also make a Facebook group to discuss the book’s contents virtually once the book is dining to gather various insights. You can open up different clubs for people from other age groups or choices of books.

Make good use of technology

Make good use of technology with the help of daily or weekly check-ins. In our COVID event planning guide, we recommend indulging in social platforms such as Instagram or Facebook Live. People always love to feel important and a part of their community—check-in on how everyone is doing and keep them updated on current events and neighbourhood information

Start with Gift subscriptions

The most LIT suggestion in our COVID event planning guide is to give subscriptions. You can consider gifting subscriptions from media such as Disney+ or Netflix and invite the residents to watch shows together (obviously while implementing social distancing). This will assist in tackling the boredom your residents may enter while being confined to their apartment homes. Then, take it a step further with recommendations about great movies and shows to watch and even start a discussion online for neighbours to comment on their favourites.

Organize digital game nights

Our COVID event planning guide encourages healthy competition at an online game centre; nothing beats a competitive game of neighbourhood scrabble! There are thousands of games that your residents could play together online. You can play chess and find all sorts of virtual reality games or find a card and other puzzle games. So get creative and make your crossword puzzle using words from your community.

Encourage exercise beyond the fitness centre

If your fitness centre is closed, encourage all your residents to continue putting the health of their confinement by encouraging them to take up online fitness classes. You can offer to pay for the first month of their subscription in lieu for that month’s resident event.

Planning a virtual scavenger hunt

You can host a photo scavenger hunt online. This is one of the most happening tasks on our COVID event planning guide. You can list missions in various categories to allow all the residents to post pictures of objects they find inside their apartment homes. Residents can also solve riddles and do fun photo challenges to share with neighbours.

Design a community cookbook

Design your community potluck cookbook. This is a fantastic twist on a classic resident event. First, have residents submit recipes for their favourite dinner. Then, compile down all the recipes into a community cookbook and share all the recipes on Dropbox or Google Drive.

Stay engaged with the trivia

Send out daily trivia to all residents. Random and exciting trivia can productively kill your time by teaching and discussing new facts with residents. You can also turn this into a competition among neighbours by publishing a weekly leader scoreboard. Take this a step further by giving out prizes such as e-gift cards for winners

Build a community playlist

Our COVID event planning guide also suggests making a music playlist on a platform, such as Spotify, to share with residents. Energetic and optimistic music will help motivate residents to exercise, clean, and even dance around their house. You can even ask all your residents to make suggestions for the music to add to the list to increase community participation.

Share resources for parents

In the COVID event planning guide, you can also share online learning websites designed for children from preschool to middle school that encourage positive distant learning while schools are closed. Age of Learning and Scholastic Magazine are just two examples of online programs providing free home access. Even when schools are completed, you can keep the learning going with these extraordinary cross-curricular journeys, and parents will appreciate the help. At the same time, they navigate the balance of work and childcare.

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