10 Creative Corporate Event Management Ideas


Corporate Event Management: An authentic and successful corporate event is a lot more engaging than a regular team-building day – it can do everything literally from boosting morale to increasing the sales for your clients. Successful corporate events not only nurture the working relationships and create connections outside the environment of your office, but they can also be a great way to reward and incentivize your hard-working employees.

The unique corporate events arise from promising creative approaches tailored to your company and employees. The initial step of the corporate event management would be Coming up with an inventive concept for the event that your staff and clients won’t be able to resist attending. If you are wondering how to make corporate events a lot of fun and engaging, here are the top 10 corporate event management tips, from the outdoorsy to the wacky.

Cooking class

A hands-on corporate cooking class event is an ideal piece for workplace entertainment, as it can easily involve all of your staff and clients. For such corporate event management you can hold cooking classes online for corporate event management. You can send out ingredients lists in advance to all attendees in person. You can take your corporate event to a whole new level by approaching a celebrity chef or TV cooking personality to host it.

Virtual horse racing

You can replicate the excitement of the racecourse with a virtual horse racing event in corporate event management. A virtual bookie explains the rules for the online event and the odds on each horse, and all the attendees are free to choose which one to back using ‘fun money.’ It’s fast-paced and competitive – an excellent opportunity for office teams to go head-to-head.

A Virtual bingo game

Excellent and engaging corporate events do not have to be overly complicated. A virtual bingo game is a hassle-free and immersive option for corporate event management, an event that gives people the chance to relax after work. It is effortless to set up, prepare, and everyone is in the running to win prizes. Typically, each attendee has a bingo sheet. But, for strengthening the in-house spirit of your employees, you could split employees into teams, designating the boss as the bingo caller.

Corporate Auction

For corporate event management, you can always plan a corporate auction. An auction might help as a corporate fundraiser, with attendees bidding on products, goods or services donated by the sponsors. You can host an auction for your corporate teammates or online or in-person as well. Silent auctions add extra spice of mystery and confidentiality as the attendees won’t know who is bidding on what goods or services or how much each person is willing to spend.

The Scavenger hunt game

If you are interested in hosting fun and engaging corporate activities, Enjoy the pleasant outdoor environment, build relationships and bond with your coworkers, you can keep the attendees entertained with a scavenger game or treasure hunt. Involve the employees who don’t have the chance to work together daily to increase synergy across the employees of your company and give everyone the name badges in the form of stickers if your coworkers do not know one another. The scavenger hunt games and innovative, engaging games for corporate events can be in person or can also be virtual. When it comes to corporate event management, Scavenger hunt is easy to manage.

An Outdoor cinema screening

The outdoor cinema screenings have become very popular in recent months as the event creators navigate and keep looking for unique ways to overcome challenges posed by the pandemic. If you have access to an outdoor space, bring the clients and employees of the company together, or keep them appropriately distanced in the cars at a cinema screening of a classic film or any exciting film for that matter. You might even host a quiz related to the movie after the screening of the movie is done, for a dose of healthy competition.

An ultimate pub quiz game

You can encourage teamwork along with a virtual pub quiz game. The attendees can form teams among themselves and discuss the answers in the chat rooms or can compete individually if they prefer to do so. You can also put a modern spin on the proceedings by designing interactive and engaging slides and incorporating a few custom animations. You can also try combining your quiz with other work social event ideas, such as corporate event awards

Host an Interactive masterclass

You can bring everyone together to learn something valuable with an inspiring, productive masterclass. Analyze what employees at your company might be interested in – maybe they would like to know about some photo editing skills or writing skills for their first novel. Depending on the interests of your employees, you can hold it online or in person. You can ask industry experts to lead the class, but do not forget to include interactive elements, such as group exercises, questionnaires, and quizzes to get everyone involved.

A Pop-up street market

The Pop-up markets or shops are an excellent way to merge a fun event with your corporate social responsibility strategy. You can also celebrate with the local communities by offering spots to small businesses and artisans in the area or create globally influenced food festivals to get your audience tasting and talking. You could also try promoting sustainable organic and healthy food brands and show how your organization is highly committed to supporting environmental causes

A Silent disco gathering

You should incorporate some singing and dancing for your coworkers as a medium of calming down and relaxation that will let them have a good time. It can act as one of the very cool, engaging corporate event ideas. Silent discos are a lot of fun and it is a unique way to bring your coworkers together. Everyone has to wear a pair of headphones and can tune into a channel that suits their musical taste. Silent discos do work just as nicely outdoors as they do indoors if you need a bigger space. You can also try giving your disco a theme, whether it’s an elegant masquerade ball or a fun ’90s party.

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