The Best décor ideas for Traditional Indian Wedding


Long ago, the traditional standards of basic hanging or wrinkled-up draperies and hackneyed floral arrangements at Indian weddings were transcended. Indian wedding decorations have changed multi-fold throughout the years, with constant newness springing forth and creative brains of wedding decorators curating distinct and fresh trends. And, miraculously, there’s no turning back now! Simple Indian wedding decoration ideas have surely been elevated, from enhancing even the tiniest components of the décor to focusing it totally on a single subject!

Choosing the ideal wedding reception décor can seem like an endless effort. Your wedding venue will be enhanced, and your wedding theme will be carried out with the proper decor. However, with so many wedding decoration ideas available online, narrowing down the finest for your style might be difficult. We’re here to assist you if you’re not sure what to do.

Before you go out and buy or rent wedding reception decorations, check your venue contract to see if there are any restrictions on what you can bring on your own.

Hang String Lights

String lights placed from the ceilings of your reception area can create a romantic mood. For a fanciful feel, weave lights between trees and branches if you have an outdoor wedding. One of the major wedding trends for 2021 is creative lighting, so it’s a wedding décor idea worth considering. Lighting is an important touch that will complement your reception site, and it’s one of our favorite wedding décor ideas.Buy the best wedding material and lighting systems only on Decornt!

Simplify the Centerpieces

Less is more when it comes to wedding decoration ideas. Table centerpieces are a vital part of your wedding, but if they’re not proportional to the room, they can be overwhelming. Towering arrangements may be distracting to guests who want to socialize at their tables. Simple wedding table decorations can make just as much of a statement as elaborate wedding table decorations. As centerpieces, you can use minimalist floral clusters, delicate vases, candles, and table runners. Consider your venue and how your centerpieces might complement it when arranging your wedding reception décor.If you’re looking for the best centrepieces to suit your wedding pallete, Decornt is your go to site. Check out and buy the best wedding material only on Decornt

Create a Lounge Seating Area

With a lovely lounge space, you can provide your guests with a variety of seating options. Mismatched seating is a hot wedding theme that you can easily include in your reception. To complement your reception area, some rental businesses may offer lounge chairs, chaises, or couches. (Alternative furniture may be available for use as décor at your venue.) When guests aren’t dancing, add thoughtful accessories like throw blankets, patterned cushions, and textured poufs to encourage them to sit together. Consider your lounge space to be a continuation of your wedding theme. To make it look professional and planned, search for furniture and accents that complement your wedding color palette.Find the most affordable and high quality chairs and sofa on

Plan a Greenery Wall

In 2021, bright florals will be everywhere. Consider a greenery wall if you’re looking for a unique wedding decoration concept. A cluster of greens will infuse your reception area with life, and it can also function as a distinctive photo backdrop. Leave your wall alone or add a personalized neon sign or string lights around the perimeter. If you’re looking for versatility, a greenery wall may be used anywhere in your wedding site—use it as a ceremony backdrop behind the stage, then move it to your reception site to get the most use out of it.

Drape the Ceilings

The fabric has a lot of power, so don’t underestimate it. Draped ceilings may give your venue a touch of grandeur and glamour. (String lights above the fabric to create a mellow glow across space for a rustic look.) Keep it conventional with white drapes, or go for an avant-garde style with colored material. Because the draped ceilings will draw attention, keep the rest of your reception decor simple to avoid overwhelming the space.For all your draping needs, checkout the variety of ready made cloth available on Decornt

Hang Your Flowers

Flowers aren’t simply for centerpieces anymore. A novel technique to create a more intimate setting is to suspend lush arrangements a few feet over your guests’ dinner plates. Hanging flowers from the ceiling adds dimension to the area and is a unique approach to modify the space and make it feel personal to you.Checkout the exclusive collection of flowers available on Decornt!

Use a Table Runner That Pops

Yes, colored table runners and chargers may add a pop of color to your wedding table. Alternatively, for a more dramatic effect, use statement tablecloths. To draw attention to the middle of the tables, use a bold color or textured pattern. Then, rather than having multiple large floral centerpieces, place them in smaller bud vases to highlight the bright highlights.

Amp up your white stage decor with unique hues of lighting

We’re blown away by this stage design, which is one of the classic romantic theme wedding stage decoration ideas. This stage is incredibly relaxing to the senses, with hanging mogra garlands, terrariums, white decorations around a spherical structure, and surreal lighting.

A magnificent stage-cum-mandap setting in the classic red & gold combination

This spectacular stage design, which features a round, antique pillar stage in the centre with a flowery chandelier, a connected tiny pond, and yellow lighting, has blown our minds! The temple and lotus-inspired set spoke of traditionalism, which drew us in.

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