Kitchen and Catering Equipment necessary for Kitty Party Hosts


Some folks have dreams about showing up to work completely undressed. Event management folks have nightmares about not having forks at a kitty party. Whether it’s a significant celebration or a simple business luncheon, you must be incredibly organized for event catering. Many essentials, such as salt and pepper shakers, cocktail napkins, and yes, even knives or forks, can be neglected in a rush to get out the door.

If you work in the event catering industry, this list should help you sleep better at night. It comes with everything you’ll need for your event catering. Based on the other event management aspects, you may wish to add a few additional elements.

Table Settings

If you’re catering a sit-down meal, you’ll need at least dinner plates, bread plates, and salad plates. Is there going to be a soup course? Toss in the soup dishes.

If wine is being served, you’ll need water glasses and wine glasses, as well as coffee cups with saucers and spoons. Having additional utensils on hand is always an intelligent idea.

You won’t be able to fit all of this on a table that isn’t covered in tablecloths, napkins, or centrepieces. Place the finishing touches, such as salt and pepper, sugar, and butter, in elegant holders or settings.You can buy kitchen equipment and avail the best prices for them on Decornt. Explore from them wide range of catering equipment

Serving Equipment

You’ll need serving trays, bus tubs, and water pitchers to convey your deliciously prepared food and drink to your seated guests. In fact, after each meal has been cleared, you’ll need extra bus tubs to hold the soiled dishes. Here’s where you can find al of the mentioned items at their best prices

Buffet Equipment

If you’re offering a buffet, you’ll need the same products, but the layout will be different, and you’ll need a few more on hand. In a buffet situation, goods are more likely to be dropped or broken accidentally.

The silverware, for example, can be rolled up. To keep the chafing dishes operating, you’ll also need chafing dishes and fuel cells. To get these cells going, you’ll need a lighter or matches. Tongs and large spoons, as well as at least one sharp knife, are required for serving. A cutting board will be neededand make sure you have something handy to wipe up any spills on the spot. Don’t forget to decorate the buffet tables as well.Explore the exclusive range of Buffet equipment Decornt has to offer

Coffee/Beverage Station

A coffee or other beverage station will need a lot of its own equipment, such as air pots for coffee, decaf backups for individuals who don’t want to drink caffeine, and a hot water source. You’ll need an assortment of glasses and coffee cups or mugs here, as well as iced tubs for cold beverages. Add sugar and dairy packets, as well as a range of teas and chocolate.

A neat wastebasket near the entrance for customers to drop their rubbish is a nice touch that will make housekeeping much easier for your employees.

Additional Items

Off-premise catering necessitates a long list of practical equipment. Whether you’re serving inside or outside, you’ll almost certainly need a Cambro or another form of insulated container to keep hot foods hot and cold meals cold. For cold goods, a cooler can be a cost-effective option. Bring rubbish bags for dirty linens and disposable food storage containers. You—or your visitors—might want to take leftovers home. This is when the cooler will come in to help. Don’t forget to bring trash and waste bags, plastic wrap, tin foil, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and disposable bags.

Disposable Catering Supplies

Disposable catering materials can save you money and make things easier for your customers. You’ll have to unload the soiled dishes back on the truck if you use porcelain tableware and conventional glassware, and you’ll almost certainly have to charge a dishwashing fee. You may save your clients money, avoid the chance of broken dishes, and cut down on cleaning time by using disposable cutlery, plates, and drinkware.

Janitorial / Cleaning Supplies

Bring the required garbage cans, recycling cans, and liners because you’ll most likely be in charge of all trash removal for your off-site activities. Don’t forget about portable handwashing stations if you don’t have access to a sink or running water.Checkout the range of handwashing stations Decornt has to offer

How Many and How Much?

One of the most typical catering blunders is taking your customer’s word for it when it comes to the number of people you’ll be feeding. They’ll often tell you figures before all of their RSVPs have been counted. It’s always preferable to have too much of something than to run out at a crucial moment. Decornt is your one-stop-shop for all your catering and event management needs. From aprons and counters to utensils, they have it all, explore from their wide range of catering fequipment and avail the best discounts. Check out and buy kitchen equipment for your next kitty party from Decornt-

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