How have weddings changed Overtime?


Weddings are classic occasions. They are love celebrations, and there’s a reason we treasure family heirlooms, traditions, and memories. However, we can’t help but note — and celebrate! — how weddings have evolved over the last decade. Gone are the days when a formal reception was a foregone conclusion, and a white wedding gown was, well, anticipated. Instead, we now get to see couples have a good time with the operation, making the wedding more about the experience than the event itself. So, this is all about how have weddings changed overtime.

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From the wedding to the after-party, couples prepare together to make their own choices and include loved ones (more on that later). They’re personalizing their festivities, adding their own personalities, rethinking tradition, and literally writing their own playbook. And we are ecstatic to be a part of such an exciting period. We hope you’ll find inspiration in the changes, inventions, and reimagined activities of the past decade, whether you’re an industry vet (like Decornt- your one-stop shop for all kinds of wedding decor, wedding material, from Wedding sofas to the wedding sound system, we have it all) happy to bid farewell to the decade of mason jars and burlap runners or a bride who is ready to dive into wedding planning. For those who want both tradition and modernity in their wedding or want to make their wedding more unique, maybe understanding how wedding rituals have evolved over time will help them find a happy medium. Have fun!

Social Media Became a Major Player

It’s no coincidence that Pinterest and Instagram both debuted in 2010, forever altering the wedding industry. Pinterest and Instagram, two industry-revolutionizing sites, have given couples the tools to find inspiration and share their ideas over the last decade. Social media has had a trickle-down impact, and many weddings are now being inspired by it in terms of visual and wedding decor and entertainment, catering, and even lighting. Social media is one of the biggest reason for how weddings changed overtime. As a result, vendors and designers alike are encouraged to develop something new and exclusive for each customer, rather than simply repeating a previous idea. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your wedding decorations, wedding materials needs at the best prices, Decornt is your stop!

Spending Habits Changed

Although it’s challenging to generalize financial conditions over a vast population, we do know that couples are spending money on their weddings. According to the 2018 Brides American Wedding Report, 97% of engaged couples plan their wedding together, investing time and energy in the process, and 58 per cent contribute cash. Change in spending habits has also resulted in how weddings changed overtime. Couples in the Millennial and Generation Z generations have more discretionary income than ever before, which means they do not need to depend on their parents for financial assistance. Couples have more creative influence over the process and how their wedding will feel, which we are looking forward to. You can now find and buy wedding decor and wedding materials at the best prices, only on Decornt!

‘What’s Expected’ Became Less of an Expectation

We can’t wait to see how their impact changes this industry as couples prepare weddings that push the limits of convention and what’s ‘planned.’ They’re shortening their engagements and making decisions faster. The wedding will feel much more ‘at the moment’ and ‘of the moment’ due to this. Weddings have changed over the last ten years to be more unique to each couple and less ‘traditional’ and doing what is anticipated. Instead of choosing from A or B, or what has been done before, couples are creating new personalized details to showcase their style and love storey in their wedding details. The daring movements, the clean design, and the incredible, high-quality music or fine wine and spirits. Couples are really sharing an experience with their guests, creating lasting memories that go beyond the ‘I dos.’

Personality Became a Priority

Couples have always pushed the envelope to personalise their weddings in the last ten years, going from what they should do to what feels right! Year after year, the rules of weddings have been thrown out the window, and the focus has shifted away from putting on a show for others and toward enjoying and having fun with those who matter most. The most significant change we’ve seen in the last decade is that couples want to brand their wedding. This is also why weddings changed overtime. They want to be able to look back on a celebration that reflects their personalities and shared experience at several touchpoints during their day or weekend of events.

Have a Seat.

Chairs and table linens were only rented from your venue, and they were only available in white, cream, silver, or gold. Today, a number of speciality rental companies provide truly one-of-a-kind linens and residential-style event furniture across the entire Pantone range. Decornt offers 500+ styles of wedding chairs and sofas to suit your wedding theme. Buy wedding decor and wedding materials and avail of free home delivery only on Decornt.

Destination Weddings Increased in Popularity

Couples are shaking up the ‘when’ as well as the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of their weddings. With the growth of social media and the ease with which people share images, destination weddings have expanded in scope over the last decade. We’re also excited to see weddings in different places that aren’t your typical hotspots. Also due to destination wedding, weddings changed overtime.

The Wedding Weekend Became Common Practice

We’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of couples who want the whole weekend to be one big affair, and we’re all for it. Another difference is the concept of a wedding weekend experience rather than “just attending.” I believe we will see much more of this in the next ten years, and we are looking forward to all of the exciting travel experiences that will ensue!

In Some Cases, Weddings Became More of a Production

The most notable shift has been in people’s willingness to invest in their weddings; they’ve gone from being tastefully planned and well-considered affairs to full-fledged productions, which has significantly altered the scale of our work as wedding planners. Every component has become a much larger project, from printed products to florals and wedding decorto entertainment. Decornt has wedding materials and all kinds of wedding Decor, from wedding flowers to catering material; we have it all.

Art Began to Influence Design

Weddings have improved dramatically in the last ten years! They’ve evolved from being primarily bridal (white) and rustic (mason jars for far too long) to being far more architectural, creative, and design-focused. We enjoy constructing buildings and spaces for our clients and drawing inspiration from real art and design.

Colour Palettes Evolved

As we want why weddings changed overtime, we can’t ignore colour palettes, Colour palettes used to be very specific, with just two tones available. Now, ten years later, we see a much more comprehensive range of colours being used in weddings, as well as the use of colour spectrums.

The Rental Market Blew Up

In the latter half of the decade, designers talk about designing new spaces and experimenting with new palettes and décor specifics because unique options (think chairs and mod lounge furniture!) are now available for rental. We had very few rental options ten years ago, but now the sky is the limit. There are more options now; Decornt is one such amazing shop where you can rent the best wedding decor and wedding materials at the best prices and free home delivery.

Good Food Became a Focus

We’re seeing some incredible foodie scenes, which we love, and it’s even finding its way into weddings. Dinners at a table were needed twenty years ago! Then there were buffets and food stations. Now we’re seeing a combination of the two—everyone takes a seat, the first course is served, and guests are directed to serving stations. This combines the sophistication of a seated dinner with the flexibility and variety of a buffet. This is the major reason why weddings changed overtime.

The Timeline Was Reimagined

The days of a traditional timetable are long gone, and couples are really thinking beyond the box when it comes to what their guests do and see, what happens when they arrive, and what happens when they leave. Warm greetings, greeters, and ample signage are all critical to the day’s flow and can speak volumes about the overall impression. We’re looking forward to the next ten years of couples continuing to personalise their weddings down to the smallest detail and designing their timelines and templates that reflect their vision. So now we know why weddings changed overtime.

So, where do we go from here?, with the advancement of technology and innovation, I can only look forward to the unknown. Buy wedding materials and wedding decor at the best prices only on Decornt.

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