7 Things to Consider While Finalising the Wedding Decor



Your wedding decor, along with your attire, is one of the best ways to let your personality show on your big day. But, before you start scratching items off your wedding decor to-do list, keep in mind that there’s more to the process than just picking the first thing you see. The day of your wedding is one of those occasions when you want everything to be perfect and there are actually a lot of things to consider while finalising the wedding decor. You must have put a lot of thought into this special day. If it’s a small family gathering or a large gathering, you’ll need a wedding venue that’s well-decorated and meets your standards. Wedding decorations are an integral part of every wedding because they not only help you live the most beautiful moments of your life in ideal surroundings, but they also say a lot about the kind of celebrations you’ll be having. Finding the perfect wedding venue is just half the fight. So, what’s next? What you decide to do with the venue’s decor. We, therefore, provide you with some things to consider while finalising the wedding decor. 

Things to consider while finalising the wedding decor

Here are some of the things to consider while finalising the wedding decor for your dream wedding-

1.Be Practical

Being practical is on the top of the list of things to consider while finalising the wedding decor. Hopefully, you’ve chosen your venue and have a clear idea of what it will take to turn it into the wedding venue of your dreams. It’s finally time to start thinking about your wedding decorations! Start with the absolute necessities to avoid being frustrated when working through your wedding decor checklist. This includes all of the practical items, such as tables, wedding chairs, flatware, china, and, if possible, decorative lighting. Table numbers and a seating chart or escort cards are also needed so that guests know where they will be seated at the reception. You can then move on to what we’re calling “decorative basics”—fancy decorative items for weddings that don’t serve a technical function but are essential for showcasing your wedding theme and giving your venue personality. This includes ceremony aisle markers, the altar backdrop, centerpieces, and tablecloths, among other things, so that it will add a lot of character and ceremony aisle markers, the altar backdrop, reception centrepieces, and tablecloths. If you opt for elaborate hanging arrangements or plain votive candles and greenery, the centrepieces will be the focal point of your reception room. They should match your wedding theme by using the same colours and overall vibe.

2. Choose your dream theme

You can’t choose your wedding decor without knowing how you want your venue to look in the end—classic? Is it glamorous? Are you a bohemian? Are you a minimalist?— So, if you haven’t decided on a wedding style yet, this is the first step. Since your initial wedding vision is likely to change as you progress through the planning process, particularly as you consider budget, guest count, season, and other factors, it’s best to put off ordering those ultra-trendy table numbers—at least for now. We understand that putting your dream wedding vision into words or deciding on only one wedding style and sticking to it can be difficult, so if you’re having trouble, don’t think of your wedding style as the be-all and end-all. Instead of restricting yourself to a single theme, which can sound overdone or clichéd, focus on the feeling you want your wedding to invoke.

3. Choosing your wedding venue

One of the most important things to consider while finalising the wedding decor. Consider your wedding venue once you’ve nailed down your wedding theme. It may have built-in accent walls, landscaped gardens, fountains, stained glass windows, lighting fixtures, or ceiling beams, among other things.things to consider while finalising the wedding decor.

Consider how you can incorporate those facts into your wedding decor and how you can profit from them. Due to the existing elements at the venue, you might be able to skip the decor in certain places. Use photos from previous weddings at your venue to help you visualise exactly what you want to use and where it should go. If you’re working with a wedding planner or event stylist, they should be able to make mockups of the room with different decor to give you an idea of what the final product would look like. Ask your venue planner if they have any decor pieces they can provide—even if they don’t, they can suggest decor ideas based on what other couples have done in the past.

4. Enhancing your guests’ experience

You can now concentrate on the finer details that you’ve taken care of the essential wedding decor products. Consider the items that aren’t strictly required but enhance your guests’ experience and complement your wedding theme. If you want to allocate your guests to unique seats at their tables, place cards are perfect, and there are several innovative choices beyond the traditional piece of paper. Menu cards are optional, exceptionally if your guests choose their meals on RSVP cards, but they help set a formal tone or remind everyone of their food choices.

5. Be open-minded with colours

Probably the uncanny but one of the important things to consider while finalising the wedding decor. Although it’s crucial to have a general idea of what colours you want for your wedding, try to be open-minded and use the colour palette as a guideline for your wedding decor instead of feeling compelled to have it match exactly. Consider a “neutrals” colour scheme, which includes cream, beige, and colours with grey undertones, such as black, olive green, and khaki, instead of “grey and white.” This method allows you to have a few “focus” colours while still using complementary hues to round out your decor, resulting in a more natural look.

6. When to go for that “splurge” piece

If you still have money left over, consider adding a decorative “splurge” piece or two. Perhaps a flower ceremony arch or luxurious antique velvet chairs for your sweetheart table have been on your wish list. We also recommend going for the splurge item if you have a space in your venue that needs to be filled or if you want to wow your guests with an unexpected feature—a photo booth, for example, will fill the space while also offering excitement and pleasant memories for everyone. 

7. Wedding decor checklist

  • Although you are unlikely to need everything on this list, it is beneficial to be familiar with all of the decor terms you can come across when finalising your wedding plans.
  • Lighting decoration for wedding in India
  • Bistro lights are round, bulbed lights with a European vibe. You’ve already seen these accenting an outdoor dining area or entrance at a trendy boutique restaurant.
  • Candelabra: A candlestick with three or more “arms” for holding candles on a tabletop.
  • Floating candles are small, circular candles that float in water and can be used in fountains, swimming pools, or vases.
  • Marquee lights. We love the idea of spelling out your initials or wedding date with these lights.
  • Taper candles are long, thin candles that are available in almost any colour. Candelabras are the most common pairing for taper candles.
  • Tea lights are small candles that are placed in metal tins. Tea lights have a diameter of around one inch and are commonly used for food warming trays.
  • String lights, also known as twinkle lights, have a smaller bulb size than bistro lights. String lights are much more adaptable and more straightforward to wind around pillars, bannisters, and other architectural elements.
Wedding decoration material online
  • It’s that easy! Life is so much easier now that you can shop online, and your wedding is no exception! Here’s some great new ‘weddingy’ stuff that’s only a click away from your big day!
  • Wedding welcome signs
  • Lightboxes are very popular these days, and the best part is that the letters can be customised to fit any purpose, which is fantastic!
  • Oversized wooden block decor- Individual letters can be purchased to create your personalised wedding decor!
  • Personalised cake toppers
  • Mr & Mrs chair signs and buntings- Those made of rustic burlap or wooden ones that are simple to attach to your seats!


One of the most exciting aspects of wedding planning is choosing your wedding venue and its decor. A lot of the other aspects of preparation will fall into place once you’ve chosen the venue and the kind of decor you want. Having a clear mind, a list of questions, a budget, and vital numbers in mind before going on a tour would help alleviate any tension. We hope our complete list of things to consider while finalising the wedding decor will help you get that wedding that you have always dreamt of! 

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