8 Types of Tents for Weddings- 2021


What is the most appealing aspect of an outdoor wedding? Isn’t it the bright tents that can vary from fairy-like to cool, depending on your imagination? They offer you the freedom to use your imagination and add a personal touch. Weddings are full of colour, enthusiasm, fun, and good times. It can be brought to a whole new level when paired with the best types of tents for weddings. If you’ve always wanted a tent wedding or are only hoping for some right luck raindrops, tenting will be a massive part of your outdoor planning experience. Even if you’ve looked at all of the different styles of tents on Pinterest, deciding which one is right for you can be difficult. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. you can create the kind of atmosphere you want with the variety of decoration styles available on the market.

Different Types of Tents for Weddings

Whether it’s summer, monsoon season, or winter, here are some of the most beautiful ways to set up great wedding tents. So here are 7 different types of tents for weddings in 2021.

1. Pole Tents

Types of Tents for Weddings- 2021- Pole tents


There’s a good chance you’ve seen these lovely ladies before. Pole tents have the grand sloping peaks that one imagines while planning a waterfront wedding. These tents are considered to be one of the best types of tents for weddings as they have a timeless look that will never go out of style. The warm glow of your bistro lights will help create a stunningly draped lighting show, while  the centre poles can help make the large room feel quaint and cosy. Pole tents are also the most cost-effective choice so that you can put those savings toward some show-stopping linens or that gold flatware you’ve been eyeing! So you can use pole tent for wedding tent decors . Choosing the right tent cloth material would be crucial for this type; in our opinion, the Dani Cloth would fit best with the occasion. We at Decornt, have an extensive range of Dani Cloth to offer; you can find it in our Open Cloth section.

2. Frame Tents

Frame Tents


Frame tents are plain, elegant, sophisticated, and functional. With an A-Line ceiling, you’ll not only get the look and feel of an indoor venue, but you’ll also get the advantage of an entirely open floor plan. Your dance floor andseating choices are endless without poles in the centre of the tent. Many frame tents come with a gable end, allowing you to drive the tent right up against and existing building, such as a house or barn, for a seamless entryway.modular space can also be created by attaching multiple frame tents, such as a bar tent, buffet tent, and central reception tent. Its elegance and sophistication is what makes it one of the best types of tents for weddings.

A walkway tent can be added to modular tenting to get you from one section of your event to the next without worrying about the rain. Last but not least, the frame tent can be set up on nearly any floor. Your tenting provider can use concrete weights, water barrels, or stakes to protect these tents  anywhere you want them.

When it comes to frame tents, and you need to make the right choice regarding the tent cloth and the tent cloth material; on our website, you’ll have a various tent cloth material and wedding fabrics to choose from. From designer to plain cloth, we have it all.

3. Marquee Tent

Marquee Tent


A marquee tent is a hybrid of a pole tent and a frame tent. It combines the convenience of a freestanding metal frame tent with the aesthetics of a peaked pole tent to give you the best of both worlds. A marquee tent requires an elegant fabric, and the Brite Lycra Designer (Work) would be the best choice for it. We at Decornt, have an extensive range of Dani Cloth to offer; you can find it in our Open Cloth section.

4. Sailcloth Tent

Sailcloth Tent


The sailcloth tent, a type of pole tent that wooden poles to support the cloth, is becoming increasingly popular wedding tent decors. The transparent fabric gives the interior of the tent a lovely glow, and the soaring ceiling and curved lines make it a lovely choice for any event. It, too, needs extensive staking with guy-wires to protect it and isn’t ideal for all surfaces, as is the case with the pole tent.

If you’re planning to go for a sailcloth tent; the grotto cloth would be the perfectchoice for your tent. We offer Rotto cloth in different colours and design; youcan find it in our open cloth section.

5. Beach or Tropical Style Tent

Beach or Tropical Style Tent

The beach or tropical tent comes in various styles, but most are made of light translucent fabric draped over a wooden or bamboo frame. Since it offers little or no shelter from the weather, this type of tent’s intent is almost entirely aesthetic. This tent is the prettiest of all, thus, making it to the list of different types of tents for weddings.

Our lace cloth would be perfect for your beach style tent; not only does it fit the beach aesthetic, but it also is cheaper in nature. At Decornt, we offer lace cloth in various colours and designs. You may head over to our open cloth section for more details.

 6. Moroccan and Indian Themed Tent

Moroccan and Indian Themed Tent

Instead of white vinyl, the Moroccan-themed tent is typically a marquee or pole-type tent with beautiful fabrics and trim. Only a few rental companies offer these types of tents and additional draping, lighting, and decor are typically available to complete the look. Any Indian wedding is incomplete without this tent making it one of the most famous types of tents for weddings

We are one of the few companies offering Raw Silk tent cloth and Brite Lycra Printed fabrics that will go perfectly with your Moroccan themed .

7. Teepee Tent

Teepee Tent

 The teepee tent, inspired by Nordic Sami kata and Native American teepees, providesa unique shape, cosy setting, and exciting look to your case. They are available in a range of sizes and configurations to be used for both big and small weddings. The pole tent and sailcloth tent’s stunning aesthetic come at the expense of additional obstacles due to the poles that protect them.

A wedding tent rental is the one essential thing you’ll need if you’re heading into the great outdoors for your celebration. At Decornt, you’ll find an extensive range of wedding fabrics and tent cloth to explore and choose from. To check out the range of tent material on offer, do check out this link

8. Yurt Tent


India is fast catching up on the destination wedding bandwagon and hence Yurts or Yurt Tents are becoming increasingly common too. Given the usual gathering size though, a typical Indian wedding will have to have multiple yurts in the open space. A yurt is a portable tent with a wood ribbed roof and crown. It is all fabric and shaped like those typical circular roofed huts (or yurt as they are called). An even smaller version of this design can be seen at multiple destination weddings as the seating space for families.

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