5 Things to Consider for Wedding DJ Arrangements


Don’t you think the right music will make or ruin your wedding reception? It’s essential to make the right Wedding DJ Arrangements for your cocktail party if you want people to have a good time and not get bored. The DJ must be able to read the crowd and, more importantly, feel their pulse! 

Wedding DJ Arrangements- Things to Consider

Here is list of five things you should consider for wedding DJ arrangements.

1 Finding the right style!

It’s crucial to determine whether or not the DJ’s style corresponds to your wedding theme. Do you want to make an edgy playlist? Or how about a throwback night? Are you organising an elegant dinner party with plenty of opportunities for conversation? It would help if you first decided what you want the DJ to play and whether he specialises in that genre. The music should be appropriate for the theme of your wedding and the tastes of your guests.

2. Lighting and smoke for the ambiance

Lighting is also an essential part of the DJ equipment, especially for the reception. Adequate lighting on the venue stage would help draw attention to that area while also enhancing its overall ambience. Usually, the reception contains a dance floor where everyone can groove to your mixes. To further improve the atmosphere, you should combine the music DJ smoke machines. The effect would be enhanced as a result of this. You should consider it as essential wedding dj arrangement.

At Decornt, you can avail yourself of the smoke machine liquid at the best price, with our ongoing discount. If you are an event organiser looking to buy DJ sound material, you know where you would get not just that but also the other accouterments.

 3. Microphones

Speeches, toasts, and other announcements are popular at weddings. You should bring wireless microphones with an extended signal range with you. Guests and speakers would not trip over the long wires as a result of this. We strongly advise you to search for batteries and cables. Decornt offers an extensive range of Professional microphones to choose from.

4. Special types of equipment and arrangements

You must know exactly what equipment will be brought along with the DJ and anything else you must arrange! You’ll need to find out how the DJ can keep all of the equipment wires out of sight while still looking presentable because you want the stage to look neat and simple.

Decornt is your one-stop-shop for all your wedding DJ arrangements. You must be prepared in advance if any additional supplies, such as an extension cord or speaker wires, are needed at the location.

5. PA Speakers

PA Speakers will really make you and your mix stand out. Since some weddings take place in large cathedrals and receptions in large banquet halls, you’ll want to make sure you have strong speakers. They will enable you to increase the volume without sacrificing quality.

About two or four 15-inch speakers or subwoofers would serve you well in an average-sized banquet hall. The best part is that you won’t need to carry around amplifiers if you have subwoofers. So you should consider PA speakers for wedding dj arrangements.

DJ controllers, PA microphones, portable microphone(s), a laptop with proper software, and a hard drive with a backup of their music are all essential items for a wedding DJ arrangements. . DJs have often found themselves without a proper setup, whether it’s for the ceremony or the reception that follows. 

Decornt is your one-stop-shop for all your wedding DJ needs and arrangements.

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